Sysco Polska Sp. z o.o.

Poland, Warsaw 

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Sysco Polska has extensive experience in building cross-sector partnerships and implementing joint projects in the field of entrepreneurship, adult/youth education, school education. Sysco Polska is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and is a non-public lifelong learning institution.

Sysco Polska (SP) has been involved in the implementation of training and consulting projects in the field of human resources development since 2008, specialising in education, social and professional activation projects for various groups of recipients. Sysco Polska implemented number of education projects throughout the country under the European Social Funds the total value of 40+ completed projects exceeding 15 million EUR and supported more than 12000 individuals.

Sysco Polska implemented as well Erasmus + KA2 School education in partnership with Italy, Great Britain and the Education Office in Warsaw, which aimed to comprehensively examine the phenomenon of early school leaving in terms of monitoring tools and methods of counteracting the phenomenon, as well as reintegration. affected students. The works conducted aimed at in-depth analysis of the identification of the existing facts in the above-mentioned areas and an indication of solutions that will allow for the introduction of significant improvements in this area.

Project finished with outstanding results and was chosen by European Commission as the best practice project. In 2022 SP has started another KA2 School education project in the area of supporting beginning teachers and their upskilling in partnership with Italy and Greece.

Neophytos Ch. Charalambous (Institute Of Development Ltd)

Cyprus, Nicosia

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1st Primary School of Rafina

Greece, Rafina

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The 1st Primary School of Rafina ( has a history of over 80 years and, as its name suggests, is located in the centre of the city of Rafina, near the port. In 2022-23, over 270 students attend the school and over 30 teachers serve. Since the year 2016-2017, the school has been selected by the Ministry of Education to host the local Centre for the Education of Refugee Children (ΔΥΕΠ). Pedagogical innovation is the main feature of the school.

Over the years, it has consistently initiated innovative, project-based educational programmes in the fields of culture, environment, science and information and communication technologies. Leading projects include “Aquaponics Gardening” and “Elytis, Gatsos, Tsirkas: 100 years later – Blog creation”. For the former project it received a grant from the John Latsis Foundation while for the latter it was nominated for the 1st National Award for Blog Creation. In November 2018, the school represented Greece at the World Robot Olympiad in Thailand. Since September 2016, the 1st Primary School has been a member of the Playing with Protons project, a science education initiative led by the CMS Experiment at CERN.

The school has also a strong participation in European programmes, both as a lead institution and as a partner. The school promotes the use of ICT both at the level of administration and teaching and implements the theory of multiple intelligences in daily teaching practice. It is a community-oriented institution that works closely with local stakeholders to expand learning opportunities and develop pupil’s’ 21st century skills.


Italy, Palermo

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CESIE is a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily. It was established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the sociologist, activist, and educator Danilo Dolci (1924-1997). Our mission is to promote educational innovation, participation, and growth. CESIE’s slogan, the world is only one creature, express the philosophy for which the organisation works: inclusion and equity for all.

CESIE is structured in 6 main units:

  • Higher Education and Research: fostering progress, sustainable and responsible research and innovation in Higher Education and Research Systems;
  • Rights and Justice: promoting equality, protecting the rights of people, preventing and developing responses to violence and discrimination;
  • Adults: upgrading lifelong learning in adult education, boosting innovative practices and developing key competences for adults;
  • Migration: developing effective and inclusive approaches for asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants;
  • School: improving quality and efficiency in school education;
  • Youth: enhancing active citizenship, training, education, and mobility of young people.

CARDET – Centre For Advancement Of Research And Development In Educational Technology Ltd

Cyprus, Lefkosia

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CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organisation based in Cyprus, with partners around the world. CARDET is one of the leading institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region for research and development.

It collaborates with local and international organisations, public and private bodies, and across diverse disciplines in designing solutions for local and global challenges. It is also independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media.

CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in education and VET, youth support, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, eLearning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalized groups.

    Eurospeak Limited

    Ireland, Dublin

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    Born of a private language school based in the UK and accredited by the British Council, Eurospeak Ireland is an educational technology company dedicated to delivering educational products and training.

    Eurospeak designs and deliver innovative educational tools tailored to suit the needs of the individual. We have a special focus on helping disadvantaged groups, supported by participation in Erasmus+ projects.

    Our team is highly multinational and diverse, comprising teachers, researchers and IT specialists, this makes it possible for us to produce high-quality learning materials that meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving society. Currently, we have around 10 staff members.