Handbook of guidelines, activities and best practices

This resource will provide teachers and members of school community with information on the benefits of gamified learning environments in education and a collection of best practices (e.g. apps, other projects, a specific methodology) relevant to the improvement of boys’ language skills.

Handbook for Teachers

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Best Practices for Empowering Boys’ Language Learning

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Mobile App

The BoysLingo App features 40 gamified learning scenarios designed to enhance boys’ language skills. Aligned with national curriculums across Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Italy, and Ireland, it offers engaging activities, customisable characters, and real-life examples along with interactive quizzes and feedback to ensure a motivating learning journey.



Teacher Training Curricula – The e-learning platform

The Teacher Training Curricula is aimed at educators, school leaders, and school staff and will consist in 3 learning modules, hosted in a specific e-learning platform, that will provide them with knowledge and competences to efficiently organise and implement language learning activities in the classroom environment with the use of digital tools, such as a gamified mobile learning environment.


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