The E-learning platform is an online space that will be designed and developed to host the BoysLingo learning modules for the teacher training curricula. The teacher training curricula will be freely accessible and will facilitate the award of certifications upon successful completion of the modules.

5 tailor-made learning modules will be developed that aim to improve educators, school leaders, and school staff’s knowledge and competences and empower them in organizing and implementing language learning activities in the classroom with the use of digital tools, such as a gamified mobile learning environment.

The learning modules will consist of both theoretical and practical aspects that will enable holistic understanding of the learning topics. The learning modules will address both the needs of primary and secondary education teachers.

The suggested learning modules to be developed are the following:


Module 1

Language learning and gender gap


Module 2

The pedagogical benefits of mobile learning


Module 3

How mobile learning can support language learning


Module 4

What is Gamification and how can enrich learning


Module 5

Best practices in the field

Available in April 2024

E-learning platform